Campus Unites to Build Habitat Victory

“To fundraise, educate, advocate, and build.”

Habitat for Humanity has covered the first three of its objectives; the building part comes next week.

On Monday Oct. 1, World Habitat Day, Washington College was announced the winner of the Habitat Facebook challenge, which came with a prize of
$1,000 toward its Habitat fund.

This past month, WC Habitat has been advertising its largest fundraising event to date, all the while educating, advocating, and receiving a huge amount of school spirit and support in its undertakings. It’s clear how passionate the Habitat group is about its cause, and how avid the community is in helping the club reach its goal.

Barnes & Noble started this Habitat Build a Future Challenge to honor the Habitat chapter that earns the most likes, comments, and shares on the images on its Facebook page. WC’s bookstore is a Barnes & Noble, providing WC’s chapter with easy access to information about how to get involved.

With a committed community behind them, WC Habitat was able to smoke the larger schools in the competition, including Penn State and University of Connecticut. It earned almost 18,000 points, one for each like, comment, and share from the many photos of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and pets posted to the WC bookstore page for the contest.

“We are all incredibly grateful to everyone that helped us get to the win, especially Shannon Wyble in the bookstore for her constant support,” said sophomore Habitat member Shannon Shirk.

Following this big win is the big build. Habitat is gearing up to send off next week for its October break trip. The team will return to Onancock, Va., where it teams up with the Eastern Shore of Virginia Habitat affiliate.

Whether Facebook junkies or Habitat lovers, all those who contributed to the likes, comments, and shares on the daily, and even hourly, Habitat images made this win possible. Consider your newsfeeds clear of Habitat news, at least until its next great endeavor.

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