Letter to the Editor: SEB Survey Speaks for Campus

Dear Editor,

Many of you may not know me, but my name is Olivia Kittel. I am the president of your Student Events Board, writing to you with Kellyanne Ford, the Board’s vice president. As the president and vice president, each of us have spent many years on the Student Events Board and have worked tirelessly each year to improve upon the last.

We believe firmly that the mission of the SEB is to foster and maintain a campus community. In order to achieve that mission, it is vital that we effectively solicit and receive feedback from students on campus. We hope to bring you the types of events that not only foster a campus community, but also foster ties to and pride for that community among students, faculty and staff.

Because we believe strongly that our job is to provide the Washington College community with a wide range of events that meet the equally wide interests of our students, we have always strived to be both flexible and responsive to the ever-changing community culture.

We feel that our most important job is to act as solicitors and representatives of the campus voice, so we are asking you for your honest feedback. We truly want to provide the types of activities and events to you that you want. Your feedback is fundamental.

In order to gauge your opinions, we are sending out a campus-wide survey via email today. We ask that you provide us with honest and serious answers so we may improve our organization and take into account your tastes and interests. Our main focus is to determine how often you’d like to have events available and what types of events. We thank you in advance for your help and your honesty, and we truly hope that we are able to make the improvements this campus deserves.


Olivia Kittel
Kellyanne Ford
Student Events Board 2012-13

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