Letter to the Editor: Response to “Republican Party’s Future is Bright”

Dear Editor,

“Blaming others will never solve our problems.” I thank Kyle Sepe for this rather profound statement, for I believe it quite strongly. Blaming others will never solve our problems. I must then ask Kyle Sepe why his entire column was based around blame, specifically blaming Presdient Obama and his supporters for everything wrong with our current world. Blame is a terrible thing- I agree. So why then fall back on the pettiness of blame?

A rather frequent problem in political discussion is that it is not political discussion. Rather than formulating arguments so as to show the rational behind a belief, people often fall back on leaps in logic and harsh language which, inevitably alienates the other side, causing further divide and solving nothing. So yes, blame does solve nothing.

So do not then use blame for expression. Do not blame one man for the fluctuations in a massive economy. Do not blame one man for the stubbornness of hundreds of elected officials. Do not then blame one half of the country for not listening to the other half, for what reason have you given them to listen? If you have a thought, tell it. Then let us discuss.

No side is innocent of blame, I know. That does not mean that we should still rely on it. You are a human being with intelligent thoughts, as am I. So let us try approaching the discussion like that.


Reilly Cox
Class of 2016

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