The Perfect Stormy Movies: Films to bring out the meteorlogist in all of us

By Cara Murray & Rosie Mujica
Staff Writers

Hurricane Sandy has passed, and fortunately our campus made it through relatively unscathed. The winds and waters couldn’t stop our school from moving forward. While it is fortunate everyone made it through the hurricane alright, some people may have been hoping for more action from “Frankenstorm.” Fulfill the need for adventure by watching these disaster movies about the terror of weather.

“The Day After Tomorrow” (2004)
Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) is a paleoclimatologist doing research in Antarctica when he realizes that what his years of research have hinted at is finally happening – the Earth’s climate is changing! While gathering ice cores, Hall and his colleagues witness the breaking off of a giant sheet of ice. Soon after, the Earth is plunged into another Ice Age complete with -150 degree temperatures and massive floods. While everyone is trying to evacuate the Northern Hemisphere, Hall is trying to make his way up to his son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) who is in New York City.

This movie is terrifying because of its touch of realism. While it isn’t likely that the Earth will fall into an Ice Age in a matter of days, there is a danger of seriously changing the Earth’s climate if current pollution rates continue. This film is a great commentary on the negative effects of global warming, coupled with a father’s moving plight to rescue his son.

“Vertical Limit” (2000)
Extreme climbing is natural for Peter Garret (Chris O’Donnell) and his sister Annie (Robin Tunney), but when Annie gets trapped at the summit of K2 after a treacherous avalanche traveling up the highest peak cost are high. The team must face not only the biting chill, the unsteady camaraderie, and the falling ice, but having to endure the journey of the rescue mission has the whole crew reaching their vertical limit.

“2012” (2009)
Doomsday is coming according to Mayan Prophecy, and though many may not believe it rising sea levels and cataclysmic storms speak more than warnings ever did. “2012” follows the story of a family man (John Cusack) just trying to stay alive during the impending end-of-days. Need more motivation for a viewing, “2012” depicts an October flooding of New York City, and with the events of the movie seemingly coming to pass, you have to wonder if the movie’s tagline is fitting… “we were warned!”

“Twister” (1996)
Bill (Bill Paxton) and Jo Harding’s (Helen Hunt) marriage is anything but perfect. With a divorce imminent, all that needs to be done is to sign the papers, but it seems that Mother Nature has a thing or two to say. As they attempt to part ways, super storms gathering across the Midwest sweep the TV weatherman and tornado-hunter back together in order to create a revolutionary device to save lives with an advanced weather alert system. With emotions running high and winds getting lethal, this movie is set up to create one crazy storm.

“The Perfect Storm” (2000)
Life on the North Atlantic Sea isn’t easy, especially for the crew aboard the sword-fishing boat Andrea Gail. When winds start to pick up as the crew makes a late season run in October of 1991 they blow in a bevy of problems for the sailors. Featuring an all-star cast, (George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Lane, John C. Reilly) this crew must work together to weather the storm and make it back to their loved ones.

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