Men’s Basketball Finds Success vs. Gettysburg on Senior Day

By Koppany Jordan
Elm Staff Writer

Walking into Cain Athletic Center on Feb. 9, the crowd was going wild. The game had yet to start yet the enthusiasm was out of this world. The Gettysburg Bullets had to be feeling intimidated as they warmed up in the gym while the the student section raucously cheered and led chants.

The crowd would not be disappointed as the Shoremen would pull off a 72-57 win over Gettysburg. The win and the cheers were tokens of appreciation for seniors Wes Bill, Charlie McShane and Mike Durilla who were celebrating their Senior Day.

After having some early clock trouble, the game took off with sophomores Sean Brooks and Stephen Poarch (who scored 18 points in the game) leading the way to a 13-0 run to start the game. Starting strong, the Shoremen were in the zone with lots of energy. The early drive showed the conference that despite their record, the Shoremen are fierce competitors not to be messed with.

However, the Gettsyburg Bullets, led by senior Alex Zurn, did not give up easily despite a sluggish start. As the Shoremen slowed, the Bullets began to gain momentum and tighten the game as the Shoremen themselves began to take on turnovers.

A pendulum effect began to occur as one team would score and then another, adding intensity to the game. Though WC still led, the gap was closing more and more. Then with 1:48 left to go in the first half, Gettysburg led following a foul shot. However, with the injury of Gettysburg’s Alex Zurn, the game began to take a turn. By the end of the half the score was tied at 32-32.

Following halftime, Gettysburg began to take the lead in the game as they pulled away but could not bring about a lead larger than four points. The Shoremen were resilient and defended their home territory. Senior McShane (13 points, three rebounds in the game) and sophomore Poarch, led the team in a comeback effort.

Poarch seemed to be at the right place at the right time as he made his shots and rebounds throughout the second half. The Shoremen were back in the zone and reasserted control to come up with a great lead over Gettysburg. As the Bullets struggled to come back, they began to fall apart with fouls.

WC capitalized on their weaknesses and brought out a 15 point lead, the largest of the game. With a final score of 72-57, the Shoremen won the game with a 50 percent three point field goal percentage and 52.8 percent field goal percentage.

Senior Wes Bill said, “[It was a] tough game, well fought out, fans brought lots of energy and was a good environment. Good way to finish the last game of my career here.”

The victory was immense as the Shoremen showed the Centennial Conference their might, leaving a message to watch out for them next year.

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