Three’s a Charm: Birthday Ball Edition

By Kay Wicker
Lifestyle Editor

I can’t believe this will be my third Birthday Ball. As I’ve been growing anticipation fro this years ball, I couldn’t help in wondering what about the evening’s experience is in my hands. Meaning, what can I do to ensure I have an awesome Birthday Ball. I could comprise list as long as the New Testament I’m sure, but I think the top three things a person can do to have an awesome Birthday Ball would be as follows.

1. Take as many pictures as you conveniently can. I absolutely love photos, especially of my friends and family. Memories are made tangible when we take the time to freeze them in a photograph, and they can be real for us a thousand times over long after the actual evening has passed.

Besides, you spent all that time looking for the right dress, getting that hair just right, you’ll have to document this. You will regret not having a picture of how awesome you and your friends look, you won’t want to have to describe the awesome decorations to people you’ll want to show them.

2. Dance with somebody you don’t know. I know what you’re thinking: “Erm say what?” But, before you call me crazy just think. You’re on the dance floor within the safety of your friends when you see someone across the way, her dress is hugging her just right, his smile is warm. What the heck, go grab them and dance.

The worse that can happen is they walk away too soon. Or, it doesn’t even have to be a romantic endeavor, maybe you see someone from class who you only ever see in class. Don’t be shy, go up and dance a song or two with them. It’s Birthday Ball everyone will riding a nice high of equal sentiments.

3. As odd as this may sound, don’t go with expectations. I don’t know how many times having tall expectations for something has ruined it before it even got started. Expect to have a good time, but don’t craft this plan so intricately that it’ll be inevitably a fail.

Understand that sometimes things aren’t going to go as planned. We have to have room to allow for that in order to really let loose and enjoy ourselves.

Saturday should be about getting all dressed up, shaking our money makers to some good music, and above all just having a good time. Don’t let anything or anyone mess that vibe up for you.

All this being said, don’t mess the vibe up for yourself. With the pressures of pregaming (and endgaming) we can let ourselves quickly get caught up in situations that aren’t exactly safe.

I’m 21 and I’ll be take part in a few drinks before, but I’m a firm believable in not getting out of hand for a nice event like this. Keep in mind faculty and alumni will be here. Not to jump on the band wagon, but you do want to remember the ball. Getting to the point of needing medical attention is never ever a good time. See you in Oz.

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