Web Editor Says Goodbye

Leland sinking The Elm’s cardboard boat
Leland Fiegel
Web Editor

Most loyal Elm readers might know me as the Web Editor of The Elm for the past two years, as well as a writer for the news section for the past three semesters. You might also recognize me as the rando from Club Fair who waved you down from all the way across Martha Washington Square to attempt to recruit you as an Elm staffer. Or maybe the guy whose excessive weight caused The Elm’s cardboard boat to sink before it ever left the dock at the Cardboard Boat Regatta earlier this year.

Other Elm staffers (and maybe some Collegian-ers and housekeeping staff members too) might know me as the guy who regularly takes naps on the Pub House couches. Or the guy who eats inordinate amounts of pizza and Melissa’s homemade lasagna on layout nights. And maybe the occasional copy editor and distribution manager.

Without these people, I probably would never have been a part of The Elm at all. First, I’d like to thank Natalie Butz, the Editor-In-Chief last year, who first hired me as Web Editor. I’d also like to thank our mutual friend, Virginia Long, for introducing us. It’s also worth thanking the web editor Natalie originally hired, who luckily (for me), quit before the year began. Without these events falling into place, my two years with The Elm may have never happened.

Best of luck to all future staff. I know The Elm is in good hands with you. Kay, try not to be surprised to see me randomly chilling on the couch next year, because I may or may not be returning for surprise Pub House visits. Finally, to all staff of the past two years, thanks for welcoming me into your dysfunctional family. It’s been real.

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