Sports Editor’s Goodbye

By Tim Marcin
Elm Sports Editor

Saying goodbye to The Elm is a lot like saying goodbye to braces. Let me explain. When you first get braces you are excited by the possibilities—all the different color combinations and a brand new look. Then reality sets in and you face hurts like hell, chicken nuggets are perennially stuck in you brackets, and you only smile when you cannot contain it. A funny thing happens, when your braces are removed, however. You feel a sense of loss and you spend the whole day licking your teeth, trying to figure out how to move forward post-braces.

Well, I first started as the sports editor I was thrilled. I thought of all the experiences I would have, all of the creativity that I would be afforded. Then I had to lay out my first pages, after playing in a soccer game, and feeling deathly tired. I did not know I would spend countless nights like that, in the Pub House, till the early morning hours, trying to make pages work. It was not always what I imagined it would be.

But now, as was the case with braces, I realize all The Elm brought to me. Next year I’ll be in journalism school, largely because of The Elm. I had an internship where I got to interview childhood heroes largely because of The Elm. I have met wonderful people, learned more pertinent information than I care to remember, and even descended into a minor (but very welcomed) coffee addiction.

The Elm has not only taught me a lot but helped shape me as a person. Yes, it was not always fun and no I was not always grinning with excitement heading into the Pub House but it was something that was more valuable than I even knew before I sat down to write this.

Here’s how I officially want to end my tenure at The Elm:

To everyone I encountered here, thank you.

To everyone on campus, give The Elm a chance, the people here care.

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