Math Honor Society Brought to College

By Sabrina Carroll
Student Life Editor
Washington College recently introduced a new chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, the honor society for mathematics and computer science. The introduction of the new chapter has brought a plethora of brand new opportunities for students in those fields to engage with.
“Pi Mu Epsilon does a lot to promote mathematics and support students,” said Dr. Nathaniel Schwartz, assistant professor of mathematics. “PME provides opportunities for students to travel and present their work at national conferences. It even provides funding for travel. The society annually co-organizes a conference with the Mathematical Association of America, and this is a perfect place for students to present their own research.” In addition, Pi Mu Epsilon sponsors a journal in mathematics and America’s annual MathFest.

Pictured above are the new members of Pi Mu Epsilon, the math and computer science honor society.
Pictured above are the new members of Pi Mu Epsilon, the math and computer science honor society.

“Having a chapter at WC allows students studying mathematics to be recognized for excellent work,” said senior Laurel Jones. “It is really great for those students looking to continue their education or career in mathematics. PME allows students to contribute in conferences and in journals, which is a fantastic way to stand out to graduate schools.”
In order to join Pi Mu Epsilon, undergraduate students must have completed at least the equivalent of two semesters of calculus and two additional courses in mathematics, at or above the calculus level. All of which lead to the fulfillment of the requirements for a major in the mathematical sciences, according to the honor society’s website. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale within both the major and in courses for the undergraduate degree in general. Finally, students must have “achieved distinction” in the field of mathematics or computer science.
“Getting a new chapter of PME at WC is a statement about our commitment to our students and our engagement with the mathematics community at the local and national levels,” Dr. Schwartz said.

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