Odyssey Makes Debut at WC

By Brooke Schultz

Senior Writer

What you are interested in are the first lines that greet you when you enter the minimalist design of Odyssey, an online publication focused on millennials, run by millennials. The online publication strives to show different perspectives of young people on all different types of issues and topics in the world.

Odyssey aims to flip the news and media industry upside down and, according to their website, “harness the thousands of ideas from real people to truly democratize content creation and give influencers the opportunity to express themselves and actually be heard.”

Now, Washington College has their very own group of writers dedicated to writing articles that pertain to life at WC or life in general.

“Ever since I got into contact with Odyssey in New York, things have been pretty crazy,” Editor-in-Chief and sophomore Shannon Lawn said. “With the help of one of the corporate reps, I set up our branch, which currently has 21 active writers.”

Sophomore Abbey Wark had often seen Odyssey’s posts intermittent in her Facebook newsfeed, and she became involved with Odyssey as soon as she saw the application online.

“I’ve always been a fan of their posts and enjoy writing in a similar style, so I was really excited to apply,” she said.

The writers are able to come up with their own ideas, from politics, to humor, to lifestyle, to relatable lists.

The opportunities are endless. “I enjoy writing things that could be considered entertainment, I suppose, as well as trending events, anything I feel I can really connect to and offer a new view on,” Wark said.

One of Wark’s pieces is “An Open Letter to Disney Princesses,” which finds the qualities and lessons that Disney’s leading ladies have been teaching us as we grow up.

The article is infused with nostalgia, humor, and advice, which most millennials will understand and appreciate.

Wark’s lighthearted piece touches on one aspect of Odyssey, but other WC students are tackling more hard hitting news, such as the latest on politics and gender issues around the globe.

All articles are different, but they have one thing in common. They are meant to be shared on social media with as many people as possible.

Lawn describes the articles as “uber successful” because WC’s Odyssey has garnered 10,000 views within the first seven days and the most popular article was shared over 1,700 times on Facebook.

Besides the shares and views that come with the articles, Wark said that she’s also getting plenty of experience in the writing field.

“I’m not entirely sure what I want to do as a career outside of college, but I have a feeling writing is going to play a big part in it, so I’m willing to take as much practice as I can get,” she said. “Having Odyssey at WC allows me an outlet for my writing and the creativity to explore my voice as a writer.”

WC’s Odyssey posts new articles every Monday and Tuesday, which students can find by checking out “Odyssey at Washington College” on Facebook.

While the Odyssey at WC is thriving already, Lawn says that the group is always looking for more writers to continue its growth. If anyone is interested in writing for the Odyssey, they can contact her at slawn2@washcoll.edu.

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