Athlete Spotlight: Laura Tocci

Laura Tocci

By Louis Galdos
Elm Staff Writer

Laura Tocci originates from New Hope, Pa. She plays midfield and is a senior captain for the Washington College Shorewomen soccer team. Laura’s stellar work ethic has translated into her leadership qualities on and off the field. Laura is a Psychology major and a Student-Athlete Mentor. As a freshman, she received the Team’s Most Improved Player of 2013. By her junior year she was the team’s MVP. Laura’s career stats include: 41 games played, 1 goal, 2 assist, 4 points, 8 shots.

Galdos: How would you describe yourself as a captain?
Tocci: My main goal as a captain is to lead by example. I want the team to know that they can trust me to always be doing the right thing and that the decisions I make are in the team’s best interest. Working with Paige, Steph, and Arianna is a great experience because we all have different leadership strengths. We provide a good balance of what the team needs to be successful.
Galdos: Who is your favorite athlete?
Tocci: I love hockey, and I am a huge Philadelphia Flyer’s fan. My favorite athlete is Sean Couturier. My favorite player from the USWNT is Sydney Leroux. I am inspired by athletes that have high work rates and team spirit.
Galdos: What is your favorite memory on the team?
Tocci: Choosing a favorite memory is very hard because I have great memories from each year. If I had to choose one, I would pick last season’s spring season. As a team, we learned the extent to our abilities. We learned how hard we were able to push each other to be the best players we could be. That is what is so exciting about being on a team, watching each other grow as players and individuals. Because of the spring season, we have been able to start our season with success.
Galdos: Favorite aspect of playing a college sports?
Tocci: I am so thankful to be a college athlete. I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had for anything. Being a part of a team is the best part of a college sport. Being able to connect with a huge group of girls, all from different areas, on a personal level is exciting and fun. I learn something new every day. What I have learned by being on a team will help me in all aspects of my future endeavors.
Galdos: How did you first start playing soccer?
Tocci: My dad played soccer growing up and my older sister started at a young age so the sport just runs in the family!
Galdos: Season goals?
Tocci: We have never had such great comradery on a team before. We work so hard for each other and we want to have a successful season. It is evident that everyone is striving to become a better player to help the team’s achievements. I think the main goal is to have the most wins that our program has ever had.

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