Fall Drama Productions Take Center Stage

By Cassandra Sotile
Elm Staff Writer
The Theatre Department is putting on not one, but three shows in November, under the direction of three seniors: Kaitlyn Fowler, Brian Klose and Erin Coffman.  Tickets are available on the Theatre and Drama Department’s page on the website and are free for students.

Kaitlyn Fowler

If you are in the mood for a play about ambition and walking the fine line between light and darkness, come see “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare.  After hearing a prophecy from three witches who foretold his reign as king of Scotland, war captain Macbeth and his wife decide to speed up the prophecy by plotting their way to the throne.  They are then thrown into a desperate struggle for survival – on the battlefield and in their guilt ridden minds.

Brian Klose

Senior director Kaitlyn Fowler has always been inspired by Shakespeare’s works.  “It comforts me that his characters fully embraced the idea that they would only have one shot at life.  Whether the play was a comedy or a tragedy, all the characters would unapologetically do what they believed was the right thing,” Fowler said.  Shakespeare’s works have been known to inspire people, Fowler included, to be stronger.  His plays are experimental and are not confined to just one genre, which is a major reason why Fowler selected this play.
Fowler has been involved in theatre since the days of theatre camp as a child.  “In high school, I was fascinated with the idea of creating a living, breathing piece out of words on a page.  I got into directing because it was their job to take those very same words and mold a play into an amazing production.” “Macbeth” will run from Nov. 10 to Nov. 12.
If you like gore, see “The Pillowman” by Martin McDonagh.  Katurian, a writer of gruesome children stories,
and his brother Michal, are interrogated by detectives about a series of child murders that imitate Katurian’s own stories.  It will keep the audience guessing about what is real, and what is fantasy.  Viewer discretion is advised to see the show.
“I’m very interested in how people value art’s place in society, which ‘The Pillowman’ offers a unique perspective on,” senior director Brian Klose said.  “I chose this particular play because I knew very early on in my thesis that I wanted to pursue a dark comedy, and ‘The Pillowman’ offers that as well as a complex and entertaining story.”
Klose began his theatre experience his sophomore year of high school as a sojourn from lacrosse following several head injuries.  He worked his way through the ranks and got a taste of directing, so much so that it convinced him to change his major from political science to theatre upon arrival at Washington College. “Directing is especially dear to me because I hope to become a theatre educator after college, and directing involves the ability to clearly communicate artistic ideas.” “Pillowman will have an open dress rehearsal on November 3 and premieres Nov. 4 and 5.
“The Glass Mena

Erin Coffman

gerie” is a classic family drama by Tennessee Williams.  Upon revisiting a formative period in his life, narrator Tom Wingfield discovers the haunting, inescapable nature of the past.
“I have been reading this play since my freshman year of high school, and each time I read it, I love it that much more.  Williams at the time of writing it just returned from a stint as a screenwriter for Hollywood films. It marks the first chance he had to write exactly what he wanted to write and it is that kind of bravery that inspires me with every read through of the play,” Coffman said.
Coffman, like Fowler, became involved in theatre when she attended theatre camp for the first time.  Ten years down the road, she is now close to getting her degree in theatre.  “When I read this the first time, I remember sitting in English class my freshman year of high school and thinking, ‘I want to be able to create words for people to escape into and to learn from.’ Theatre is a way for me to accomplish that.” “The Glass Menagerie” runs Nov. 18 and 19.

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