Getting to Know RAs Assigned to Freshman Housing

By Caitlyn Maltese
Student Life Editor

A Residential Assistant’s job is to be one of the first people a student can go to if they need help. They are the staff members of Residential Life that have the most interaction with residents.
RAs are known most for enforcing college regulations, however, that is not their only duty. They are an administrator, a helper, a policy enforcer, and a programmer.
Students, especially first-year ones, can find their RAs to be an invaluable asset. An RA can help make the transition to college a smooth one. They are students and, a lot of times, they have experienced what you are experiencing, and they want to help— they’ve signed up to do it.
It is important that residents feel comfortable asking their RA for help. Here’s some information about some RAs who have been assigned to primarily first-year housing.

Ethan Grugan
Ethan Grugan

Ethan Grugan
Passionate about film and writing, sophomore Ethan Grugan is an RA for the first two floors of Somerset. During his freshman year, Grugan admired the mentorship provided to him by his RA and decided that he wanted to help others in the same way.
“This is my first year being an RA,” he said. “I chose to become one because my first night here, my roommate at the time was very drunk and vomited all over the room. My RA (Nick Totis) let me stay with him and he helped me through freshman year.”
Grugan is from just outside of Philadelphia, and is currently a member of the rowing team. He wants to raise awareness about Dyspraxia, a developmental coordination disorder.
In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies and writing articles for the Odyssey. He hopes to pursue an independent film/screenplay major at WC.

Caroline House
Victoria Zieminski

Victoria Ziemenski
Victoria Ziemenski

When she was in third grade, sophomore Victoria Zieminski held a yard sale to raise money to buy her first camera. Years later, she started her own photography business, Zieminski Photography. She loves to be immersed in different perspectives and this desire to see things differently feeds into her hunger for adventures and travel.
“I love photography and going outside to explore new places. I also love meeting new people,” she said.
Zieminski is from Northborough, Mass. She is a double major in environmental studies and political science with a business management minor, and plans to practice environmental law and policy. She is involved in club field hockey and plays the trumpet.
She decided to be an RA in order to help her fellow classmates. “As an RA, I can help problem solve, educate, and communicate to make WC a safe and accommodating place for students,” she said.



Danielle Glenn
Danielle Glenn

Minta Martin
Danielle Glenn
Working towards a career as a teacher, junior Danielle Glenn is a double major in math and psychology with a minor in secondary education. Glenn is from Greenwood, Del. and is approaching her second year as an RA.
“I wanted to be a peer that people could rely on and use as a resource on campus,” she said. She is involved in Best Buddies and Alpha Omicron Pi.



Patrick Mariboe
Another first time RA, junior Pat Mariboe is an English major with a double minor in creative writing and business. He decided to become an RA in order to get more involved on campus and to become a role

Patrick Mariboe
Patrick Mariboe

model for younger students.
He is from Hightstown, N.J. and has a miniature schnauzer named Philo. He aspires to be a sports journalist for ESPN and is currently a senior sports writer for The Elm. He is also involved with the Athletic Communications Department, Intramurals, Best Buddies, and Kappa Sigma.

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