Homecoming is Here: Learn the ins and outs of a good time

By Gabrielle Rente
Elm Staff Writer

There are campuses across the country that do not have the glorious, school-spirited event of homecoming, and that’s what makes Washington College all the better. This is the time of the year where students gather on the Hodson Green to celebrate why Goose Nation is the best! The theme this year: Light up the Night. Now for our first-year students, there may be questions as how to go about college homecoming dances. What do you even wear?
Rules of Homecoming Attire:
It’s Semi-Formal: Save the ballgowns and pressed tuxes for the Birthday Ball in February. Homecoming isn’t as quite as fancy just in case you were wondering. I’d recommend something not quite suitable for a job interview but closer to a clubbing outfit. For girls, this could be something like a nice skirt with a designer t-shirt and heels or flats. Party dresses are another good option, but if you don’t like the restrictions of a skirt or skirt, then dress pants work just as fine. Really it all comes down to what will make you feel like a million bucks! Now for men, you could wear a dress shirt or a polo with khakis or nice jeans (without holes). Ties and jackets are an optional choice.
Neon is debatable: The theme insists on a neon attire, or something bright and flashy, but it is not a requirement. If you are like me and own nothing of the sort, then you could hit the outlets, or if you are in a penny-pinching state, then really whatever makes you feel like a model will work perfectly.
Try your outfit on in advance: This is to ensure that everything fits properly so you can move around comfortably, and if it doesn’t then you have time to fix the problem or change it up. Just make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions on the dance floor.
Shoes can be temporary: This applies to everyone of all shoe sizes. If you have a killer pair of shoes, and they also happen to be chafing your heels, then give your feet a break. There are no awards for wearing your shoes all night. You are not required to spend the whole evening in dress shoes, especially when your favorite song comes on and you need to let loose. Do not let painful shoes hinder your dance moves.
Now that you are dressed to the nines, the next step is how to ensure you have the most enjoyable evening. After all, homecoming only happens once a year, and how many chances will you get to dance the night away?
Rules of Homecoming Fun:
Go with friends: A date is not required, so if you were worrying you’d be the only single person there, then fret not. In fact, you might have more fun with a group of close friends, especially friends with bad dance moves that way you look better in comparison! Seriously though, the more the merrier.
No drama: Do not let tears and fears ruin your time. The point of homecoming is to revel in school spirit, to celebrate the reasons why we love WC, so save any worries you have for the morning, and if you are getting negative vibes from someone, then consider switching dance circles. Just have fun!
Dance to your heart’s content: This is not Dancing with the Stars, so don’t worry about judgement. Everyone is self-conscious when it comes to dancing, and if you consider yourself a rather awkward individual, then own it. Be the best awkward dancer you can be! Maybe bring back some moves like the Sprinkler or the Shopping Cart, or make up your own! Although, if you’re more on the graceful side, then maybe you could give the rest of us some pointers.

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