Lax Teams Host Alumni

By Andrew Chirico
Sports Editor

With “fall-ball” practice coming to an end, both the men’s and women’s lacrosse programs held their annual alumni game and weekend festivities the weekend of Oct. 8.
To start the weekend, the Shoremen hosted the Bryan Botti ’12 Memorial Golf Outing where they had 65 participants attend. “Despite the weather, people had a good time,” head coach Jeff Shirk said.

Women's Lax
The Shorewomen got together after their game for a group photo.

Following the golf outing, both programs hosted a social at JR’s Pub in town where they jammed the house. Shirk estimated 190 people packed into the pub for the social, and said it was “phenomenal”.
The following day started at 12 p.m. when the women’s lacrosse team held their annual alumni game. The men’s game followed at 2 p.m. Women’s lacrosse head coach Heidi Yetman was happy with the turnout for the events.
“It was amazing having the alumni back for the weekend and connecting with the girls on campus again.  The energy they bring back with them embodies what it means to be a WC alumni and how proud they are of their institution,” Yetman said. “I loved having my current team, especially my freshman, see how once you are a part of this program, you remain one forever.  You will always have a home to come back to.”
Not only was it a benefit to her current team, but it allowed for Yetman to display the culture of her program to recruits. “I thought it was also great to have my recruits see how much support we get from our alumni because I thinks it’s probably better than any other school in our conference,” she said.
Shirk relates to Yetman when it comes to the recruiting aspect.
“We also had next year’s recruiting class there. Which let them meet some of the guys on the team, and alumni, which is very beneficial,” Shirk said.

Men's Lax
The Shoremen players and alumni together after their annual alumni game.

Prior to the start of the men’s game, Shirk presented the Charlie Moloney award to Jimmy Orsini “Things didn’t come easily to him, but he stay committed and made his time worthy at WC,” Shirk said.
The video of the award presentation can be seen on the ‘TheElmNewspaper’ YouTube channel, provided by The Elm Sports Network.
Following both games, the two programs had a tailgate in the skybox at the stadium, which was Yetman’s most memorable event of the weekend.
“Favorite part of the weekend was our tailgate in the skybox where we all shared a meal with current players, parents, recruits, alumni, and everyone on the mens’ program as well,” Yetman said. “We were all in the same place at the same time to celebrate Washington College Lacrosse!  It was a great energy that will be carried through until February 1st.”
To sum up the weekend, Shirk said, “A good turnout, everyone we talked to had a good time and enjoyed themselves, which is the key.”

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