College Honors Jacob Marberger

CHESTERTOWN – On Oct. 26, Washington College announced the recipient for the Jacob Marberger. Endowed Memorial Fellowship. The award is intended for a student who shows the same love of learning that Marberger embodied.
The fellowship was presented in front of faculty, staff, and students and accompanied the planting of a purple European beech tree planted in honor of Marberger.
The first recipient, Daniel Schaefer, freshman, was presented with the award at a gathering and tree planting ceremony commemorating Marberger, who died last year. Schaefer, plans on majoring in Hispanic studies and philosophy, and minoring in French and religious studies. He is the president of his class and a member of the Student Government Association.
“We remember Jacob Marberger as a brilliant, funny, inquisitive young man, wise beyond his years,” said President Sheila Bair in a press release from the College. “We are grateful to have had Jacob in our lives, even if for too brief a time. And we are grateful to Jacob’s parents for joining us today as we launch this new scholarship to recognize students who emulate Jacob’s love of learning and his commitment to building a more peaceful world.”
The fellowship is administered by the director of the Institute for Religion, Politics and Culture and will fund $2,500 for an independent research project that provides insight and analysis on contemporary political and cultural issues, focusing on peacebuilding and mutual understanding between nations.
Schaefer has plans to take part in the Oxford summer seminar in June 2017 to study philosophy, religion, and politics in society. He also has plans to research how colleges can prevent conflict, focusing on the relationship between anti-bullying campaigns, the concept of “safe spaces,” public perception, and outcomes of anti-conflict initiatives.

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