Just Ask the Goose: “Dear Goose, What’s wrong with being single?”

By Amanda Gabriel
Elm Staff Writer

Week after week the goose article is dedicated to couples, and although this is the relationship advice column, finding happiness and satisfaction as a single guy or girl is just as important. The media is constantly broadcasting celebrities and their significant others, advising how to be a better partner, and imposing the idea that a relationship should be a top priority for which to strive. Yet among all of the gossip and the Buzzfeed commentary, many people forget that being single is rewarding in itself.
As a single man or woman, you are able to dedicate more time to yourself that would otherwise be spent with a partner. As a general rule of mine, regardless of your single status, a person should take as little as a half hour out of every day to do something that makes him or her feel fulfilled and happy. Take a moment to slow down and to immerse yourself in what is going on around you. Most of the time we busy college students get ourselves wrapped up in the monotony of M,W,F and T,TH classes and forget to enjoy the moments as they pass. Although this advice may seem a bit cliché, it is important nonetheless. I am not suggesting that you stop and smell the roses; simply take time to enjoy yourself. For example, if you love to listen to music then do only that for an allotted time period, or if you enjoy painting then try that. You will soon find that you do not need a significant other to make you smile, because you can do that on your own.

In fact, there’s nothing wrong with being single.

Besides finding yourself with extra time on your hands, you will also have extra money in your pockets. Dates, presents, and surprises can be expensive. Instead take that money that otherwise would be spent on a partner and either save it or treat yourself. Take yourself out to dinner or buy yourself a present because the golden rule also applies to you too. Many people get caught up in trying to treat others with kindness and respect but forget to do the same with their own minds, bodies, and spirits.
Having more time and money will then most likely lead you to have some deep conversations and thoughts within your own mind. In my opinion, having moments in which you converse with yourself and contemplate life are beneficial for your health because you may discover important values or information. For instance, you may find yourself contemplating the types of people you tend to gravitate towards and learn new facts about yourself and others. Similarly, you could find a new purpose or hobby that brings joy into life. Being single is rewarding for a numerous other reasons, but I believe these to be the most important.

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