Maryland Stays Blue in the 2016 Elections

new-piktochart_18058406_4dd3e8d9f4bc4b51025858af9e878d7bcbcb6758By Joanna Sperapanni
Elm Staff Writer
Although the country favored Donald Trump in the election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, Maryland remained true to its Democratic roots. 59.66 percent of the state voted for Hillary Clinton, giving her all 10 electoral votes, as predicted.
According to Associated Press (AP), the current tally as of Monday, Nov. 14 had 61 percent of the vote, or 1,497,951 single votes, favoring Clinton.
Donald Trump picked up 35 percent of the votes, with Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party Candidate Jill Stein receiving 3 percent and 1 percent respectively.
Maryland Democrat Chris Van Hollen pulled off a win for the U.S. Senate by about 20 points, running against Republican Kathy Szeliga.
The Maryland State Board of Elections broke down each candidate’s results by county. In Allegany and Garrett counties, the Trump/Pence and Szeliga tickets won by a margin averaging 50-60 percent. In counties such as Cecil, Carroll, Caroline, Washington, and Queen Anne’s, the Republican candidates won by 35 percent. They also won Worcester, Somerset, St. Mary’s, Harford, and Calvert counties by a margin of 25 percent. Wicomico, Dorchester, and Talbot by a slightly smaller  margin of 10 percent. Anne Arundel county was almost evenly split between the two parties, with 46.2 percent to Trump and 46.8 percent to Clinton. Although Trump lost this county, Szeliga won it by three points. Trump also narrowly won Frederick county by 4 percent. While the more rural counties heavily favored Trump, Clinton, and Van Hollen easily won the more populous counties, including Baltimore City by a margin of 74 percent, Baltimore county by 25 percent, Charles county by 30 percent, Howard  county by 32 percent, Montgomery county by 54 percent, and Prince George’s county by 80 percent.
The vote was surprisingly close in Chestertown’s own Kent County. Clinton received 45.9 percent of the vote or 4,378 raw votes, but Trump narrowly won with 49.8 percent or 4,745 votes. Szeliga won the county as well, with 50.3 percent to Van Hollen’s 47.4 percent.

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