SGA Corner Oct. 25

By Joanna Sperapani
Elm Staff Writer
New Business:
Motion to allocate IFC $134 to host an event on Nov. 6 at 1 p.m. in the Goose Nest to watch football for first year guys to meet brothers from the different fraternities. Motion passed.

Motion to allocate $180 to buy T-shirts for new members. Shreyas Suresh said, “We have been in session for about two months, and we know who has contributed and thought it would be nice for them.” Motion passed.

Motion to allocate $550 for uniforms. Victoria Cline said, “Sho’Troupe doubled in size this year, but last year we only had uniforms enough for eight people, and now we have 16 girls on the team. We went through a bunch of companies and found the best uniform that we could use for every sport. This is a one-time budgetary request. The largest the team will be is 18 girls, and we hope to have these uniforms for the next three years.” Motion passed.

Motion to allocate $1,720 to SGA for three purchases, $195 for name tags to be used by executive board members for open houses, $25 to decorate Hodson Hall for the Veterans event, and $1,500 for I Serve T-shirts, catering, and supplies. Motion passed.

Non-Senatorial Open Forum:
Sarah Feyerherm addressed the concerns about a wait for Health and Counseling Services. She said, “I got a chance to look at the minutes, and wanted to respond to one thing about information that is inaccurate. It is about a wait time in Counseling Services. It has gone to The Elm and I want to reiterate the Health and Counseling [Services] wait for someone who calls or shows up is usually one or two days. If you experienced something else, please come talk to me so we can do something about it.”

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