Shoremadness Soars

By Zach Shaw
Elm Staff Writer

The first event of Shore Madness kicked off on Nov. 10. Shore Madness was billed as a promotion for both men’s and women’s basketball programs before the season opener.
The night included an intersquad scrimmage, a three-point contest amongst the fans and the players, a half-court shot contest, a fan going one-on-one against current players, and a raffle to win an exclusive vintage Shoreman basketball jersey. While the scrimmage resulted in many long three point attempts, high flying dunks, and a series of Kyrie Irving crossovers, the fans were enthusiastic; cheering on their friends and trying to snag a t-shirt from the canon.
“I thought it was a great event for our first Shore Madness, we had a good turnout from our supporters and both the women’s and men’s team had a great time,” said sophomore guard Brandon Berry
During the scrimmage, both sides were joking, laughing, and talking with their friends in the stands and having fun. There was no tension or scrutiny in their air and everyone was doing what they do best: playing the game they love.
“Joey Shelton did a terrific job organizing and promoting this event. We had a great turnout from students, faculty, and staff. Both men’s and women’s programs showcased a bright future with light competition, fun, contests, and Joey Shelton’s one stop dance shop,” said second year Head Coach Aaron Goodman,
Fourth year Head Coach Alisha Mosley said, “I am hopeful that we will continue to do this every year. If we have gained one more fan from this event, it was all worth it,” she said.
Washington College has been known for lacking school spirit, especially at sporting events but with the recent spirit events that  the basketball programs, such as the men’s team working at McDonalds for a day, both coaches hope to get more students out to games. If there were more half-court shot contests and raffles, students might be more motivated to attend.
Both teams hosted their season opener on Nov. 15 with the Shorewomen tipping off their season against Hood at 6 p.m while the Shoremen hosted Shenandoah following the Women’s game.

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