By Abby Wargo
Elm Staff Writer

This year, Sho’troupe has the most members they have ever had. Sho’troupe is Washington College’s dance ensemble, supported by the Dance Club. It is the only audition-based dance group on campus. They currently have 16 members.
“Our goal is to promote school spirit at the athletic events, as well as provide an outlet for a wide range of dancers outside of just the academic and club classes,” said Kaitlynn Ecker, president of the group. Sho’troupe is also a good outlet for students who aspire to minor in dance.
“The goal of the program is to provide students with opportunities to choreograph and to perform high energy routines on a regular basis. Students develop confidence, projection, and self-expression through performance and interaction at practices,” according to the Student Performance Groups page.
Even though Sho’troupe is not recognized as a varsity sport, members put in a minimum of four hours of practice per week, not including outside weekly workouts.
All this hard work has paid off for the group; their growing size and success has earned them new uniforms for performance that are funded by the Senate of the Student Government Association.
“I’m really proud of our team because I feel like every member is very dedicated and each brings their own unique style, which is helpful when choreographing new pieces,” Ecker said.
Their next performance is at the men’s home opener basketball game on Nov. 15. More updates can be found on their Facebook page.

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