Staying Motivated in the Cold: Learn How to Turn Your Fitness Into a Year-Round Priority

By Amanda Gabriel
Elm Staff Writer

Though the holiday season is generally associated with cheer, the thought of going to the gym in the cold weather comes in second behind the thought of having a Netflix and hot chocolate kind of night. Motivation tends to dwindle down like the coals of a fire with the coming of winter, and second servings of mashed potatoes and some extra Christmas cookies become tempting. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself during the holidays, but it is important to uphold a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
If you find yourself unexcited to go to the gym, find a partner or friend to push you to sweat. Workout buddies are one of the best ways to keep that gym drive and get a session in during the day. There are many partner workouts available online for free and most of them contain elements that are more enjoyable than a painful. For instance, one of my favorite partner workouts is to pick exercises that are dependent on one another. Try this: have one partner run a lap on the Johnson Fitness Center track while the other partner holds a wall sit. The person holding the wall sit is not allowed to stop until the other partner completes his or her laps and gives them a high five. Switch roles for a total of three to five rounds. After completing the first two movements, choose more similar exercises for three to five rounds each until you are satisfied.

Biking can also be an indoor activity.

An additional way of staying motivated in the cold is to try a new fitness class. Zumba or Insanity are two of my favorites offered every week in the studio here at Washington College. Other classes offered at WC include Yoga, PiYo live, and TurboKick. The energy that the instructors bring to the table is always high and the upbeat music keeps you moving constantly. Both of these factors together take away from the idea that you are working out and instead keep you focused on having a good time. You can even bring your workout buddy to a fitness class in order to make your experience even more fun.
Most people have days when they would rather stay in than go to the gym, and that is okay. However, make sure you do not slip into a winter hiatus and completely avoid the gym or working out because it is important to live and active and healthy lifestyle. Your older self will thank you someday.

The JFC offers Zumba classes every Monday and Friday.
The JFC also offers yoga at all levels of difficulty.

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