The Big Butt Craze: How Did it Get So Big?

By Amanda Gabriel
Elm Staff Writer

Butts have never been bigger— both in physical size and cultural phenomena. A majority of songs that play on the radio mention your backside, and many celebrities such as Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, J Lo, and Kim Kardashian are all known for showing off their big booties on stage. People are obsessed with enlarging their own butts and even go as far as to inject fat from other parts of their bodies into that area through a procedure known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Yet, there are much simpler steps you can take to get that #squatspo status.
First, getting a bigger butt requires more than just squats. Many posts on the internet claim that all you need are squats. In fact, there is even a squat challenge that swears your butt will grow by completing their program. Although squats do contribute immensely to the process, nutrition should first be considered. Just as the abs are covered with a layer of fat, the butt muscles are also covered in fat. Therefore, you could have the roundest butt out there, but if it is covered in fat then no one will know.

Walking lunges strengthen and tone the glute muscles.

If you are serious about enhancing your booty, you must cut out sugar and a majority of carbs from your diet and instead eat more protein. Increasing your protein intake is essential for building any muscle, but by also decreasing the amount of sugar and carbs you are eating, you will be able to shed fat and build muscle.
Once you commit to altering your diet, then you can begin squatting. A mistake most people make is strictly sticking to bodyweight squats. Two things must be kept in mind. When squatting, you should gradually increase the weight or add resistance. That way your muscles do not get used to the exercises you are doing, and they keep growing in order to accommodate the stress you are putting on your body. Second, it is important to incorporate other exercises into your routine as well such as jump squats, lunges, donkey kicks, glute bridges, etc. The internet is full of great exercises that target your glutes. Just make sure to switch up your workouts and increase the intensity and level of difficulty.

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