Back to School, Back to Shape

By Amanda Gabriel
Elm Staff Writer

Getting back into your routine after the holidays is tough. Most people tend to sleep in, stay up later, eat more food, and workout less, if at all. Now that Thanksgiving break is over, resuming your schedule is important, not only for staying on track for finals, but also for your well-being.
If you fell victim to any of the bad habits listed above, do not get angry at yourself; there is always a way to start moving forward again after backtracking a little bit.
First of all, accept that you indulged and enjoyed yourself more than you should have over break. Odds are, you are going to do the same thing when winter break arrives, and relaxing over the holidays is part of life. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. Therefore, accept that you perhaps did not workout as much as you had hoped, or you gained a little weight.

Getting back to your routine is difficult, yet rewarding.

After pardoning yourself, it is best to try to get back to your schedule as soon as possible. If your internal clock is out of tune, push yourself to stay awake through the day, not take naps, and to go to bed earlier. In order to stay healthy, your body needs a decent amount of sleep, usually about nine hours, to function properly. This rewiring of your internal clock is similar to jet lag. When you travel to a different time zone, you need to adjust to the time in that place, and most often people advise you to stay awake throughout the day even though it may be nighttime back home. The more you stick to a pattern, the faster the pattern will turn into a habit.
Moreover, after your schedule is normal again, you can begin to resume spending time in the gym. The additional sleep will help give you more energy that can be put to work in the Johnson Fitness Center. Although my advice for getting back to a normal schedule was to jump right in, you may not want to follow these same instructions for your workouts. Instead, easing your way back into high intensity workouts is best to avoid injuries, cramps, and many other painful consequences.
Lastly, eating healthier will also boost your energy and allow you to focus better on studies. Slowly incorporate healthier foods into your diet and lessen your portion sizes. These tasks may prove difficult for the first few days, but continuing to change your diet slightly over the course of a week will result in significant improvements when you look back to where you began.

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