Guide To Holiday Shopping in Chestertown

By Abby Wargo
Incoming Student Life Editor
The holidays are upon us, and for many people this means that the search to find the perfect gift for friends and family has already begun. College makes it hard for students to afford some high-end things, and living in a small town like Chestertown limits many students’ option. Even so, there are several stores in downtown Chestertown that are cost-effective and have great gift ideas for a wide variety of people.

Music Life (241 High St.)
The local music store may seem out-of-budget, but they offer affordable options. They sell ukuleles that start at only $40. Ukuleles are small, portable, and relatively easy to learn how to play. They are also becoming quite popular with the rise of musical stars such as Twenty One Pilots. These make great gifts for music-lovers.

The Bookplate (112 South Cross St.)
Chestertown’s used bookstore has something for everyone. There are sections on a wide variety of topics, as well as an extensive fiction section, so you’re sure to find something for anyone there. Most books are priced under $20, and some are even under $5. This bookstore is a great place to find a unique, thoughtful gift (without breaking the bank) for most anyone who is willing to read a book recreationally.

Twigs and Teacups (111 South Cross St.)
This eclectic store has a little bit of everything. There are cooking and home accessories in the front of the store, including extensive sections dedicated to tea and sushi. There are also stationery and novelty items toward the back of the store. On the left side, there are children’s toys and a bath and body section.
Overall, there are a lot of small, quirky items of many varieties that are sure to catch your eye for someone on your list. Two cats from the Kent County Humane Society live at the front of the store to promote adoption, so if you’re looking for a more lively gift, they can help point you in the right direction.

She She on High (321 High St.)
This store is brand new to Chestertown. One of the owners’ goals in opening the store was to provide interesting and affordable items for college students. They have unique and inexpensive jewelry, fun T-shirts, and sassy socks.
A new item in stock is Whiskey River Soaps, which are soaps with fun names and descriptions. For example, one of the soaps is described as, “Nigerian Businessmen—smells like a lucrative offer.”

The T-shirts are displayed with prominence, and there are many different styles to choose from, each costing $20. One shirt proudly displays the town zip code: 21620, while another has the Luke’s Diner logo from the popular TV show “Gilmore Girls.”

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