Letter to the Editor: from Faculty and Staff

From the undersigned members of the faculty and staff to the students of Washington College,

In the context of recent events on college campuses across the country, we understand and respect that members of our broadly diverse campus can hold diverse political views. The expression of these views is a fundamental element of the free exchange of ideas and intellectual inquiry that makes WC such a vibrant institution. We are committed to ensuring a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful environment.

We recommit ourselves to the values and practices that are essential to making Washington College an institution of critical inquiry, civic engagement, inclusion, and moral courage.
We will support, cultivate, and help preserve the many diverse communities within Washington College.
We will work with all our students to create the honest communication that allows for and protects the vulnerability necessary for learning about social difference.
We will challenge ourselves to create inclusive course content so that we, as your professors, explore our own biases even as we help our students explore theirs.
We welcome the perspectives of all our students so that our collective diversity can be a resource for inquiry.
We will not tolerate hate speech.
We will not tolerate violence.
We will not tolerate bullying.

Our. Doors. Are. Always. Open.

Aaron Amick, Erin K. Anderson, Vickie B. Anderson, Ben Armiger, Collin Ashmore, Sheila Bair, Doryann Barnhardt, Judith Barroll, Chris Beasley, Jennifer Benson, Lindsay Bergman-Debes, Raven D. Bishop, Robert Bishop, Clayton Black, Dan Booke, John Boyd,  Kevin Brien, Bridget Bunten, Heather Calloway, S. Calloway, Colin Campbell, Jennie Carr,Cristina Casado Presa, Wendy M. Clarke, Martin Connaughton, Erin M. Counihan, Scott Cowdrey, Nancy Cross, Sarah Crump, Dale Daigle, Lisa Daniels, Elena Deanda, Melissa Deckman,  Richard DeProspo, Patrice DiQuinzio, Rachel M. Durso, Marcus Dykeman, Laura J. Eckelman, Walter Ellison, Jenifer Emley, Penelope Farley, Gabriel Feinberg, Tim Fields, Victoria Finney, Thomas Fish, Charles H. Fithian, Sarah Feyerherm, Ben Ford, Rosemary Ford, Brendon S. Fox, Rebecca Fox, John Fuller, Mary M. Gedney, Richard Gillin, Maren Gimpel, Adam Goodheart, Michael Kerchner, Nicole Grewling, James Hall, Jeanne Marie Hamilton, Heather Harvey, Michael Harvey, Andrea Hearn, Karin Hughes, David N. C. Hull, Maria Rose Hynson, Jonathan Jenkins,  Laura Johnson, Karl Kehm, Susanne Kelly, Ryan Kelty, Matthew Kibler, Kay King, Alisha Knight, Amanda Kramer, Aaron R. Krochmal, Aaron Lampman, Marcia Landskroener, Jean-Pierre, Laurenceau-Medina, Cailean Leith, John Leupold, Alexandra Levy, Marsha Libina, Cindy Licata, James Lipchock, Lauren Littlefield, Meghan Livie, Austin Lobo, Shirley Loller, Lindsay Lusby, Katherine Markoski, Anne Martell-Parrish, Julie Markin, Katherine Maynard, Matthew McCabe, Jon McCollum, Kevin McKillop, Sean Meehan, Emily Miller, Ken Miller, Kathryn Moncrief, Nicholas Moon, John B. Moore, Rebeca Moreno, Tia M. Murphy, Jennifer E. Nesbitt, Beverly Nickerson, Pat Nugent, Erin Oittinen, Elizabeth O’Connor, Karen O’Connor, Andrew Oros, Pamela A. Pears, Martin Ponti, Tya Pope, Dylan Poulsen, William “Billy” Price, Shaun Ramsey, Caddie Putnam Rankin, Reid Raudenbush, Matt Reynolds, Mindy Reynolds, Jerry Roderick, Courtney E. Rydel, Marianne L. Sade, Caren Saunders, Vicky Sawyer, Bill Schindler, Jennifer Schultz, Nathaniel Schwartz, Ken Schweitzer, Elizabeth A. Seidel, John Seidel, Victor Sensenig, Ruth Shoge, Sharon Sledge, Emily Kate Smith, Pat Smith, Sara Ann Smith, Amanda K. Sommerfeld, Polly Sommerfeld, Janet Sorrentino, Emma Sovich, George Spilich, Don Stanwick, Richard Striner, Jean Sucharewicz, Suzanne Thuecks, Kari Travis, Hui-Ju Tsai, Aileen Tsui, Renee van der Stelt, Robin Van Meter, Kate Verville, Michele Volansky, Christine Wade, Kathy Wagner, Kanny Wan, Candace Wannamaker, Britt Weaver, Nancy Weibell, Karen A. Wheat, S. Lansing Williams, Julie Wills, Carol Wilson, Kyle Wilson, Laura Johnstone Wilson, Jim Windelborn, Jean Wortman, Elizabeth Yost

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