Pet of the Week: Alsie

By Madison Bendistis
Elm Staff Writer
Meet Alsie, a six-month-old cat available for adoption at the Humane Society of Kent County. Alsie has white fur with gray spots and bright hazel eyes.
Unfortunately, this isn’t Alsie’s first time at the Humane Society. She and another kitten, Davis, were both returned by their previous owner. Cat volunteer Kayla Klugman said, “Alsie was originally from the Humane Society. She and Davis were adopted together when they were really little by a coworker of mine.”
Sadly, their previous owner moved to a location that was not cat friendly, so Alsie and her friend Davis ended up back at the Humane Society.
Returning to an area of restricted space has been difficult for Alsie, who had grown accustomed to having room to roam and play.
“While Alsie lived with [her previous owner], she was a barn cat,”  Klugman said. “She and a friend’s bloodhound used to run around with each other all the time, so she has boundless energy. Alsie’s used to being an outdoor cat, so it’s a little weird for her to be cooped up like this. She literally tries to climb the walls, and sometimes she’ll do backflips for a toy.”

A Kitty!

Although Alsie certainly has a lot of energy for playing, she also enjoys cuddling. “She starts purring as soon as she sees someone’s face or hears their breath,” Klugman said. “I think she’d be a good first-time cat, because she’s so easy to take care of. I also think she’d do really well with kids, because she loves to play so much.”
Alsie is the purrfect combination of playful and cuddly. “Alsie can play to no end, but when she feels like cuddling she’ll lay right next to you and purr. She loves to purr,” Klugman said. Alsie loves the company of other cats, and she gets along great with dogs, too. In fact, with her playful demeanor, it’s almost as if Alsie is a dog herself.
If anyone in the Chestertown community, WC faculty and staff members, or even students with families are interested in rescuing this cool cat, please contact the Humane Society at 410-778-3648 or by emailing

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