Pet of the Week: Layla

By Madison Bendistis

Elm Staff Writer

Meet Layla, an adoptable pit bull mix who is about five-years-old. Layla has been at the Humane Society of Kent County for quite a while and the staff aren’t sure why Layla is still waiting for her forever home. Kennel technician JP Hooker said, “I love this dog. She’s easily one of my favorites. I see so much potential with her.”

If you can't see this dog, I feel sorry for you. also, Layla

Layla greets everyone she meets with a smile. “She’s a sweetheart and she loves to smile. That’s the biggest thing about her; she just loves to smile,” Hooker said. Oftentimes, when dogs have experienced a bad history, they are apprehensive around new people. This is not the case with Layla. “Other than her jumping with excitement, there’s nothing unpredictable about her. Her heart is so filled with love,”  he said.

In addition to having a big heart, Layla has a big brain. “She’s really smart,” Hooker said. “We have a game for the dogs called Dog Casino and she caught on to it right away. She’s really good at it. We also had a trainer come in one day and work with the dogs and Layla did a great job.” Layla would likely be easily trained, especially since she is a big fan of treats.

Layla is also very playful. She enjoys a wide range of activities, including dressing up, running around outside, and receiving belly rubs. Because Layla is such a high-energy dog, Hooker said, “I feel like Layla needs to go to somebody who’s going to exercise with her.” Layla would be an ideal running partner, as well as a cuddle bug once some energy has been burned. “She deserves a good home. I know she’d make a great dog,” Hooker said.

Layla gets along well with children and all types of people. “I would trust her with anyone because there’s not an inch of aggression or meanness in her,” said Hooker. Layla also does well in households with cats. Potential owners should know that, “she just doesn’t get along with other dogs, and that could be because she wasn’t socialized. If dogs aren’t socialized at an early age, then they aren’t going to be good around other dogs.”

If anyone in the Chestertown community, WC faculty and staff members, or even students with families are interested in rescuing the loveable Layla, please contact the Humane Society at 410-778-3648 or by emailing

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  1. Regarding adopting a pit bull, they are wonderful dogs for the right family! Pit bulls are very intelligent and they need a structured home that will teach them how to be well mannered and socialized. Pit bulls are not a type of dog you adopt to ignore and leave on the end of a chain. Pit bulls are great in families with kids. They are rough and tumble type dogs that are not easily scared or hurt, making them a great jungle gym. Pit bulls love their owners with a heart and devotion unlike any other breed and with this kind of admiration comes great responsibility! To know the love of a pit bull is like nothing else, and families that are responsible, committed owners know their dogs are well worth it!

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