The Value of Meditation: Meditate to Mediate Your Lifestyle

By Amanda Gabriel

Elm Staff Writer

Most people have heard that meditation benefits your health, but in what ways are these improvements achieved? Many scientific studies have been conducted to support the idea that meditation has substantial effects on your mind and body, including one’s emotional well-being, mental health, and physical health.

Meditation can also be a group activity.

People who follow a certain schedule that consists of just 30 minutes of mediation every day tend to have reduced indications of depression, anxiety, and stress later in life.

Through deep breathing, they are able to come to terms with their lifestyles. This is achieved by realizing that some areas of life are out of their control.

In addition to depression, anxiety, and stress, moods are also affected by meditation. By teaching your body to completely relax, a person can also learn to relax their body in other situations throughout the day.

Meditation has also been proven to improve focus, attention, and the ability to work under pressure. Moreover, decision-making was found

to be easier over time as well as the abilities to both process and sort information. Not convinced yet? Deep breathing also helps decrease the effects of trauma, extends longevity, lowers blood pres- sure, manages cholesterol, and improves sleep.

As one can perceive from research, meditation has profound effects on a person’s health and can be done anywhere. Start by siting up straight or laying down and closing your eyes. The point is to be relaxed in whichever position you choose.

Relax your muscles by first starting with your feet, feeling every inch of your body loosening until you reach your head. Re- mind yourself why you have decided to begin meditation and do not be afraid to let your mind wander.
Focus on your breathing by count- ing out the time it takes you to breath in and out. With each breath, try to make your lungs fill with more and more air. Now, put your focus into words and again allow your mind to wander. When you are satisfied with your meditation session, slowly open your eyes and re-enter the world.

The first attempt at meditation may not leave you feeling much different, but if you stick to a schedule, you will be reaping the benefits in no time.

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