Barb the Blobfish Is New WC Mascot

by Janice Green
Hive Correspondent

After it was revealed that Gus the Goose’s secret identity is former CIA employee and leaker of important government information Edward Snowden, the Washington College administration has announced that Gus the Goose will no longer be representing the school. Instead, WC will be welcoming a new character to campus: Barb the Blobfish.
Dr. Regina Filange, a fish specialist at WC, defines the Blobfish as “a deep sea fish that is normally found off the coasts of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.”
The blobfish started to gain traction after it was named World’s Ugliest Animal and received a special segment on Saturday Night Live.
“The staff thought we could bring pride to this fish and its family as the goose had disgraced us on our own campus. Besides, fish swim in schools and I feel this relates to WC a whole lot more than geese do,” Filange said.
Sophomore Hugo Bing said, “I think it makes more sense to be called a type of fish rather than a goose. I mean, we are a school on a river. Why would we be called Goose Nation when geese just fly overhead to travel? Like I said, this just makes more sense.”
Students got to vote on the name this past week in Hodson Hall during meal times. The names on the ballot stuck with the alliteration theme and included: Bob, Brenda, Becky, Barry, and Barb. Barb was voted as the name for the blobfish with over 60 percent of the vote.
Senior Mark Smith said, “I think students opted for the name Barb because of the popularity of the character from the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things.’”
Barb the Blobfish will officially be introduced to the student body and the public at the start of the fall 2017 semester. Sticking to school tradition, Barb will be seen around campus dressed like Martha Washington.

Blobfish Martha
The new WC mascot, Barb the Blobfish, is pictured above. Barb will be dressed up as Martha Washington for campus events.

Freshman Mary Clifford said, “I look forward to seeing Barb at the different events on campus. She’ll bring attention to a new type of animal that many people do not know about and will show the true beauty within school spirit.”
Some students are not pleased with the mascot, however, and are planning to march on Washington Avenue to keep Gus the Goose. The march is being organized by a new organization on campus called Save Our Goose (SOG). These students oppose the demonization of Gus the Goose and geese in general.
Junior Emma Yong, president of SOG, said, “We believe that WC replacing Gus puts a bad label on geese. Yes, they can be mean, but only if they are provoked. It’s like saying just because one does it means the rest will. We, as a group, want geese to have their positive image back to the public’s eye because all geese matter.”
Yong said that the club will be set up in Hodson Hall at a table during meal times to collect signatures on a petition against replacing Gus the Goose and for people to sign up for the march.
Smith said, “I don’t understand the huge deal over this. Stuff changes all the time. It’s a part of life. It’s silly to focus on something like this when there are other things your mind should be focused on.”
The staff at WC will continue to implement this change, and say that students will love Barb no matter what.

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