College Hack: This is How You Adult

By The Panda Whisperer
Morning Wood Staff Writer

Living at college presents students with a multitude of responsibilities that are difficult to handle. We are expected to not only study hard and get good grades, but also to do laundry, clean our rooms, and pay for things. Although these tasks can seem overwhelming at first, there are easier ways to go about learning how to adult.
Doing laundry is one of the most trying concepts for students, since many of us are used to our parents doing our laundry for us. Not only is it a struggle to actually do the laundry, but we have to pay for it too. Instead of worrying about your dirty clothes, next time you see a washing machine in the process of cleaning someone else’s laundry, just open the machine up and throw your clothes in with the other person’s. That way, you no longer have to worry about spending your money, and when that person comes back to dry their clothes, they will throw yours in the dryer too. It’s a win-win situation.

Being adult means facing your most daunting fears.

Besides remembering your laundry, maintaining a clean room can be tiring. After a long day of school, the last thing any student wants is to come back to their room to do more work. Instead of stressing over a messy room, try moving into someone else’s clean one. Washington College’s campus offers a wide range of dorms and suites for their students, so find one that is open and move right in. If this option does not work, there are also many empty classrooms available, and when the classroom starts to get messy too, you can move into another one. This option is great for messy people that also have early classes, because you can choose to move into the same classroom as your 8:30a.m. class.
Another responsibility for students is money. Without an on-campus job, paying for groceries or the occasional night out on the town can become a problem if you do not have the funds to do so. In this situation, many students opt to ask their parents to support them, but after a few years, they expect you to start making your own money. If your parents have turned you down, turn to someone else’s parents instead. Try asking people for their parents’ phone numbers, and call them to ask for some money. If this does not work, you could always ask people you pass on the sidewalk downtown.
Adulting may seem hard at first, but if you get creative with your options, the responsibilities associated with college students are not as tiring. There is always an easier solution to a problem, so instead of stressing yourself out, try asking other people for help.

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