Pet of the Week: Rocco the Rock

By Igloo Woman
Fake News Editor
This week’s adoptable pet is Rocco. He has been at the Humane Rock Society of Kent County for approximately 10 years, after a good samaritan brought him in from a cruel and inhumane rock garden.
Kennell Technician Layla Pawz said that Rocco is gentle and calm, as is typical of his breed, and he gets along with quite literally anyone and everyone.
Pawz said, “Rocco is the kind of rock that will just warm up to you immediately, and he is always ready to cuddle with you or just sit there and stare at you.”
Other workers at the Humane Rock Society  pointed out that Rocco is very low maintenance, so he is perfect for anyone who is lazy and doesn’t like to go outside, or move at all.
Dog walker and professional poop scooper Jordan Woof said that Rocco is, “extremely easy to walk. You don’t even need a leash, honestly. Rocco is so obedient and well behaved that you can just walk right next to him and he will follow you. Sometimes though, he has days where he won’t move at all, so you might have to pick him up and toss him down the sidewalk a few times for encouragement.”
Rocco does well with other dogs, cats, and any other animal imaginable. Pawz said, “Rocco would do best in an environment that is filled with other animals, especially because he gets lonely and bored very quickly, so he needs others around him to entertain him and keep him occupied.”

It's a Rock!

Woof said, “On our daily walks, Rocco is always eager to meet people walking down the street, other dogs, cats, squirrels, birds; anything that moves really.”
Rock specialist Peter Petram said, “Rocco is a very unique rock because of how he has been raised to interact with various people and animals. This has made him more outgoing and sociable in comparison with more typical, average rocks.”
Pawz added that Rocco loves wearing various costumes, and is willing to rock any fashion statement, as long as it doesn’t make him look boxy or lumpy. She said, “He is always modeling the newest and coolest fashion trends at the shelter.”
If anyone in the Chestertown community, WC faculty and staff members, or even students with families are interested in rescuing Rocco, please contact the Humane Rock Society of Kent County at 212-479-7990 or by Sad!

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