SGA Corner March 7

By Joanna Sperapani
Elm Staff Writer
The Environment Committee met up with Dining Hall Director Don Stanwick about bringing reusable cups to Java George and receiving a discount for special beverages.
The Mental Health Bill that allocates $500 a semester to improving mental health outreach on campus was officially passed. President Audrey Utchen, senior, said, “The SGA thought that it would be a good thing to do to commit $500 per academic semester to collaborate with campus offices to ensure an event takes place every semester promoting mental health and educating the student body on mental illness.”
Parakram Karki, sophomore, was elected Speaker of the Senate. In his speech he said, “The thing that I believe I can bring to SGA is my unique perspectives and charisma that hopefully can help more people ask the harder questions and dive deeper as a whole to better the lives of students and community.”
The Maryland Student Legislature was named club of the week and Katie Gordon, senior, was named student of the week.
Rahel Rosner, vice president of Finance, met with the SGA.
The Budget Committee discussed renovations to the Goose Nest and Alex Smith, senior, is currently looking at the furniture catalog.

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