Sheila Bair Found Trespassing At WC

Shelia Biar
Shelia Bair samples some smoothies that were originally set out for the president of Washington College

By Intern two
Morning Oak Staff Writer
Since the fall of 2015, there have been reports of an intruder on campus. Shelia Bair, former chair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), has been seen periodically wandering the grounds of Washington College. Bair has since become a staple of the day-to-day experience for the WC community.
“It was really startling at first,” sophomore Herbert Hawthorne said, “I saw her for the first time last year, during my freshman orientation. I didn’t know why she was there. No one really knew why she was there. There was no explanation and we were all pretty confused. But I’ve seen her a couple of times since, just walking around. Everybody knows her. It’s always nice to see her, though.”
Bair has been seen frequently by numerous students walking around campus, most commonly from the Casey Academic Center to Bunting Hall, an administrative building that houses the office of the President of the College and several deans. Sometimes she has been seen enjoying a smoothie on the Miller Library terrace or at Hodson Hall.
“She really likes smoothies,” junior Billy Renaldo, an avid smoothie creator, said. “I don’t blame her, I love smoothies, too. I’ve given her a couple of my own recipes. I’ve got to get a recipe from her sometime.”
Senior Julia Browne said, “She usually walks up to Bunting and just kind of stares at the door for a long time. It looks like she’s trying to get in or something. I’m not sure what the hold-up is because the door’s usually open.”
Freshman Martin Samphils said, “She’s very accessible. I see her around campus all the time. We have a lot of really good talks.”
During the beginning of her visits, Public Safety was called several times by multiple students. Public Safety looked into the matter and decided against taking action to stop her strolls. The department deemed her nonthreatening.
“Despite her frequent appearances, she is most definitely not a threat to the safety of the campus,” Samuel Trinkette, a Public Safety employee, said. “There is nothing particularly wrong with wandering on campus, especially when giving out good advice like she does. She’s given me advice several times about my student loans. She’s really into eliminating student debt.”
When interacting with students on campus, Bair has often been said to dispense financial advice. Much of this advice has proved to be hugely beneficial and remarkably forward-thinking.
“She told me a lot about scholarships, and helped me to get some really good ones,” Jane Smith, freshman, said. “Her advice was really helpful for me with paying tuition for this year, and did a lot to convince my parents to let me go here.”
“Honestly,” freshman Tallulah Grosby said, “I hope Shelia Bair trespasses on campus more.” Sad!

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