Tension on Field Hockey Team

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With the fall season behind them, the Washington College field hockey team is preparing for next season with full intensity. Day in and day out, each member contributes to the advancements being made, but just one thing stands in the way of their ultimate success. The clear divide between the Maryland natives and the non-Maryland residents on the team has inhibited the Shorewomen from achieving team unity.
Claims such as, “I’m so tired of Old Bay being used on every single food dish,” and “the flag is everywhere,” have been made by a team member who has requested to remain anonymous. The inherent state pride that Marylanders exude initiates arguments for obvious reasons. What should be lifelong friendships are torn apart because of this seemingly eternal feud.
Surrounding states such as Pennsylvania and Delaware have joined together in combat against the natives of the Old Line State. Delaware’s argument that “The first state is the best state” and the point that it does not have sales tax enforces these adversities. Pennsylvania has Philadelphia to claim as their own, as well as the notable Penn State University, which has a commendable amount of state pride.

Maryland squared
Maryland is a state that some, but not all Field Hockey players enjoy.

Those originally from Maryland take great pride in their state, so outside forces who do not show the same amount of appreciation for the culture upset Marylanders in ways no one has ever seen before. Their geographic diversity and daily culture may be appealing, but not all parties on the field hockey team seem to agree. Some members of the team viciously attack other states. “Pennsylvania makes no sense. They don’t have shoulders on their roads, their flag is blander than a box of biscuits, and what even is a township? Where are we, medieval Europe?”, said sophomore Morgan Domanico.
Some players even feel as strongly as first-year player, Jessie Willey, who gave a testimony on the subject.
“Explaining why Maryland is the best state is not something that can be contained to one article, but for starters there is nothing you could ever desire that Maryland doesn’t offer. Great beaches? Yes, indeed. More of a mountain kinda fella? Got you covered,” Willey said. “Quaint small towns? Of course. Big city life? Check. Incredibly divisive political views between Eastern and Western shores? You know it. For anyone who tries to argue their state is better, my response remains that they all left their respective states to come here to Maryland because subconsciously they knew it’s where the magic happens. There’s no place I would rather call home and never leave than Maryland, my Maryland.”
Looking ahead, the field hockey team has some serious work to do regarding team unity and amiability with one another. Eliminating the verbal warfare will not be easy, but they must come together as one before the fall season of 2017.

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