WC Moves On: #WhyD3 to #NowD1

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Washington College, the oldest college in the state of Maryland, will make the jump to the Division I level for all their athletic teams starting in the fall of 2017. WC’s athletic director, Moving Up, was pleased to make this exciting announcement this past Tuesday at his weekly press conference.
“Starting in the fall season of 2017, all of our athletic teams will be competing at the Division I level,” said Up. “We feel with all of our recent successes across the board with all of our teams in terms of athletic achievements, and our hard-working student athletes, that this was the right decision in order to further challenge our athletes.”
After the decision was announced, many students and student athletes, were thrilled to discover WC will compete alongside the premier Division I universities in the country.
“I am beyond blessed for this opportunity as a senior next year to have one season to compete as a Division I athlete,” said junior Big Leagues. “I am looking forward to getting to fly to play away games each week and no longer take the bus every time.”
Gus the Goose could not be reached for comment on this matter. With the jump to the Division I athletic level, Gus the Goose will be required to make an appearance at all athletic events, regardless of how far away. Thankfully geese can fly.
WC will not join a Division I conference to compete against until the year of 2020. This grants all of WC’s athletic teams two seasons to prove themselves worthy of the Division I title.
“In this next year, I think all of our athletic teams will be competing at the highest level of Division I athletics,” said Up. “People around the world will know WC is located in Maryland after our teams put our university on the map.”

Washington College will join the Big Ten Conference its in inagural Divison One campaign.
Washington College will join the Big Ten Conference its in inaugural Division One campaign.

Each athletic team at WC will be featured on one nationally televised game as a perk of being a new Division I program. This will allow for WC’s student athletes to be seen around the country, and better their chances at a potential professional career. Recruiting numbers will increase as more kids around the country begin to take note of WC.
Head broadcaster Listen ToMe is looking forward to the change and most importantly, the attention the teams will receive.
“Man, it feels great to be able to broadcast games for ESPN and the Big Ten Network. After being on Goose Nation TV for several years, it feels good to be able to partner with these two networks,” ToMe said. “I will definitely have to polish my broadcasting skills before this big change comes. I will be ready and am grateful for the opportunity.”
All of the incoming student athletes for the fall of 2017 will be granted athletic scholarships. All current athletes at WC will receive money off of their tuition for the remainder of their time in school. The athletics department will closely monitor the success of each athletic team, and everyone is excited to take this jump up to the next level of competition in just a few months.

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