Carson Metzker’s Lacrosse Dedication

By Louis Galdos
Elm Staff Writer


In lacrosse, a face-off occurs at the beginning of the game and after every goal. For this reason alone, the face-off position is one of the most important positions on the field.
Most importantly, the goal of the face-off is to win the groundball, because whichever team wins the groundball off the face-off wins possession of the ball, thus giving that team more offensive possessions.
Carson Metzker is a sophomore transfer student-athlete and a face-off midfielder, before transferring to Washington College from Roanoke College, Metzker originally attended New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), which is a D1 lacrosse program in the conference of ECAC. In his freshman year, he was a face-off specialist. While at NJIT his freshman year he appeared in all 15 games for the Highlanders, and, he started 10 times. In the entire 2016 season, he won 59 out of 163 face-offs with a percentage of .362 percent. Currently the Shoremen lacrosse team is 31-71 in face-off wins with a 43.7 face-off percentage.
“My favorite part of lacrosse is the 15 seconds after every goal. It is pretty much the only time I see the field. I am a glorified field goal kicker,” he said.
Metzker was in contact with WC throughout his highschool playing career.

Transfer Caron Metzker place a crucial role as a face-off man for the lacrosse team.

“I was recruited by coach shirk out of high school. At the time, I was interested in pursuing an engineering degree, was I did not consider Washington very seriously when I made my decision. After a year, I knew that I did not want to become an engineer. I found my love of English while taking classes at Roanoke, and was immediately drawn back to Washington College because of the strength of their department. I was also very interested in the Sophie Kerr award as well when making my decision. I knew after my initial conversation with the coaching staff that WAC was the right school for me going forward,” he said.
“My goal for the year is for the team to win the conference championship, and to make it to the NCAA tournament. I think that we have a great group of guys, and have a chance to be really successful this season,” he said.
Head men’s lacrosse coach Jeff Shirk spoke very positively when asked Carson Metzker.
“Carson sent me an email saying he was interested in Washington College when he decided to transfer out of Roanoke last fall. Carson and his mom visited campus and then he made the decision to come to WC,” he said.
Shirk is excited to see the development of Metzker this season.
“I think he has played well even though he suffered a hand injury in our Arcadia scrimmage. He is a hard worker and even not at 100 percent does everything he can to help the team,” he said.

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