WC Highlights Senior Capstone Experiences

By Abby Wargo
Student Life Editor

Throughout April, seniors from various majors will be given the opportunity to present their senior capstones at different events on campus.
“It’s the opportunity for people outside of one’s department to see the accomplishments,” of students, said Dr. Julie Markin, an assistant professor of anthropology. “Students will present oral and digital presentations of their research and findings.”

Katie Gordon
Katie Gordon’s physics and music SCE focuses on the acoustics of Decker Theatre and Hotchkiss Recital Hall.

Sociology, mathematics, and computer science oral presentations are on April 17, biology poster symposium on April 18, anthropology senior presentations are on April 26.
Seniors may even get the chance to have their work highlighted on the College website.
“I was talking about my thesis to my music advisor, and he said that they had just gotten an email about this whole celebration thing and that he wanted to put my name forth and have me talk about my project because it’s fairly unique,” said Katie Gordon, a senior who majors in both physics and music.
“And then Wendy Clark also [said] that she wanted to have me for an interview, and put an article about me on the website.”
Gordon’s thesis combines both her music and physics majors. She studied the acoustics of Decker Theatre and Hotchkiss Recital Hall and compared the two venues. Her findings proved that Hotchkiss was a better setting for music concerts.
For seniors like Gordon, Senior Capstone Experience Celebration Month is not just a celebration of their individual senior theses.
“I think it’s really cool because it celebrates academics,”  she said. “I’m looking forward to seeing my friends present their theses because I know they’ve been working awhile on them.”
A schedule of events is located at https://www.washcoll.edu/academics/sce-celebration/.

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