What to Watch this Spring: New Anime Series

By Erin Caine
Elm Staff Writer

As winter anime series such as “Scum’s Wish,” “Youjo Senki,” and the second season of “Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu” come to an end, already new and noteworthy spring series are picking up. While the winter season was a bit lackluster, especially compared to the memorable 2016 fall season that came before it—“Yuri On Ice” was particularly explosive—spring 2017 is already gaining anime fans’ attention for its long-awaited continuations and intriguing new entries. How it compares to last year’s eclectic and popular spring season is yet to be seen, but with the first episodes that have come out already, it seems more than capable of holding its own. Below is a list of some of the most hype-worthy new series:
1. “Attack on Titan,” Season Two: “Attack in Titan” was a wildly popular series at the time of its release, and a wildly popular series now despite the puzzling and excruciating four-year gap between seasons. The show’s widespread influence and continued popularity is a testament to its unique world, multi-faceted characters, and gripping action. The first episode dropped on April 1, and with its sleeker animation quality and a heightened sense of raw, unadulterated horror, it manages to rival even its previous incarnation. The giant, man-eating titans from last season are somehow more grotesque and nightmare-inducing than before, the action scenes more dynamic and pulse-pounding.
2. “My Hero Academia,” Season Two: Another much-anticipated second season, “My Hero Academia” follows protagonist, Izuku, as he attends a prestigious school designed to train superheroes. He aims to be the strongest hero in the world like his idol and eventual mentor, All Might. What likely drew audiences in to the series in the first place is its vibrant setting and sympathetic main character, someone who, unlike most of the people in the world of the show, was born without a special ability. As we watch Izuku struggle to achieve his goals and become stronger despite not being blessed with natural talent, we can’t help but root for him and anticipate the day when his goals are within reach.
3. “Alice & Zouroku”: The dark horse of the season, “Alice & Zouroku” follows a young girl named Sana who has the ability to materialize anything she imagines. After escaping her harsh life as a test subject, Sana crosses paths with a no-nonsense old man named Zouroku, who eventually comes to take her in. Adapted from an award-winning manga series by Tetsuya Imai, the show already has a promising first episode, featuring an intriguing premise and a heartwarming bond forming between the two main characters. Sana’s naïve, slightly selfish curiosity perfectly plays off of Zouroku’s frank, discerning personality.
4. “Sagrada Reset”: Continuing the trend this season of characters with strange abilities, “Sagrada Reset” takes place in a town full of people with unique powers ranging from telepathy to time-travel. These people include Misora, who has the ability to reset the world back three days, and Kei, who is the only one able to remember those three days. Combining their powers, the two solve missions issued to them by a mysterious organization. The first episode is meditative and understated, an introspective spin on a familiar premise. One of the most exceptional aspects of the show so far is the musical score, which adds a layer of profundity onto the quiet, drawn-out plot.

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