Ending Semester in the Skybox

By Abby Wargo
Student Life Editor

On April 29, the Washington College Black Students Union (BSU) and Cleopatra’s Sisters co-sponsored an end of the year event, the Ultimate Black and White Party.

Revelers came to the Kirby Stadium skybox dressed for this year’s black and white theme. LED lights flashed across the ceiling as partygoers danced to the music.

BSU president Taylor Johnson said, “Our organization does semesterly parties; it is a kind of tradition we started ever since we re-established the club. We just like to come together with [both] our members and the whole campus to celebrate our accomplishments.”

The members of BSU usually come up with the theme, and this year was no different. The introduction of Cleopatra’s Sisters into the event was a more recent addition.

“When we normally throw our parties, it’s just solely our club who hosts, but this year we decided to do things a little differently and bring Cleopatra’s Sisters into the mix,” Johnson said. “We were in charge of handling all the food for the event, and we left the decorations to Cleo’s.”

BSU provided fried chicken, wedge fries, chips, pretzels, desserts, and drinks while Cleo’s Sisters brought black and white balloons and glow sticks to decorate the room.

The party was a celebration of the culmination of a school year’s worth of work and students in attendance enjoyed a night off of studying for finals and preparing for the end of the semester.

“With this party we are celebrating the fact that we are almost on summer break and finished the spring semester with great success,” Johnson said.

The party began at 9 p.m. and ended at 1 a.m., so many people came and went throughout the course of the evening.

Overall, the party proved to be a successful event and ended the semester with a bang.

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