Studying Downtown

By Gabrielle Rente
Elm Staff Writer

Finals are here and it’s time to settle down in the right place for maximum studying productivity. What happens when staying in your room makes it difficult to focus? You could be a Toll Troll, but maybe the atrium has the wrong vibe. Studying in the library can be just fine, but that is where you were the night before conducting research. A change in scenery can help with concentration. Here is a list of ideal studying nooks located downtown.

Bookplate: The Bookplate is an excellent place to hit the books.  Behind rows and rows of used books are quiet little nooks with comfortable chairs where students can hunker down. Need references? The Bookplate has various sections of topics like world geography, historical biographies, poetry, mathematics, and nautical readings. On standby for a quick cuddle break is Keke, the friendly store cat who will keep you company while studying.

JR’s Just Right Treats: A great place to fuel up on coffee and cranberry scones, Just Right Treats has a whole seating area off to the side complete with tables and the most comfortable couches in Chestertown. This is a great place to bring friends to work on collaborative assignments. If you require a full meal to recharge your brain, then you can order from JR’s pub menu.

Students studying in town
Freshmen Jourdan Aten, Erin Asman, and Casey Lockard study together at Just Right Treats.

Play It Again Sam’s: For those requiring a little background noise while analyzing formulas or passages, Play It Again Sam’s provides just the right amount of coffee house ambiance.  A wonderful station for coffee and sandwich aficionados, this café is a great place to set up for studying.

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