Figg’s Ordinary Joins High Street

By Joanna Sperapani
News Editor

A fresh face has joined the mix of the usual eatery favorites: Figg’s Ordinary, a bakery and cafe, has added some much-needed diversity to the food scene in Chestertown with its special attention to gluten allergies.

Figg’s Ordinary is located at 207 S Cross St., and offers WC students a 10 percent discount.

17310921_818222311652325_139686287651432812_oThe lunch menu features prepared sandwiches on house made gluten free focaccia, salads, soups, and grain bowls from local growers. They also offer all of their food for takeout.

Ingrid Hansen, owner, CEO, and creative force, was inspired to create the hotspot from her own life experiences, which she believes have prepared her to take on this role.

The unique name has also caught the community’s attention; while “Figg” was the name of her beloved pet, “ordinaries” were colonial resting places for travelers and townspeople to share a meal together. Hansen was inspired by the rich history of Chestertown, which was founded in 1706.

Hansen received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from George Washington University, and previously owned an art gallery in Washington, D.C.. Baking and experimenting with food was first a simple hobby. But in 2015, she started the original Figg’s Ordinary in the form of a stand at the Chestertown market.

Figg’s is indeed the premier gluten-free go-to in Chestertown. It also offers several dairy and refined sugar free foods that are relatively rare in town.

“Chestertown is a fabulous community and one that needed and deserved a gluten-free food outlet. Washington College students include a growing population of people with food allergies. Younger people also are much more knowledgeable about and committed to better, healthier diets. Figg’s Ordinary is here to provide options and food selection choices for people who need and/or choose to make wiser, healthier food choices,” Hansen said.

She said that her healthy food options will be beneficial not only for the WC population, but also for the elderly and family communities of Chestertown.Figgs_Zastrow_3

Hansen has big plans for the future of Figg’s; soon there will be a website, online orderings, longer hours, increased food options, and, eventually, even the sale of Figg’s products throughout the region.

To find out more information about Figg’s Ordinary, visit their Facebook page,

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