How to De-Stress

By Amanda Gabriel
Elm Staff Writer

As finals approach, the stress levels rise among college students across the country. With the endless piles of papers, study guides, and group projects, stressing yourself out is inevitable. Yet, these stress levels can be managed if you take some time to relax.

First, try to remind yourself that stressing about a situation is not going to change the outcome. In fact, stressing about the amount of work you have to get done before break is only going to make the experience worse. If you remind yourself to stay calm, your body and mind will be more focused and accomplish tasks quicker.

After reminding yourself that you are going to be okay, remember to take small breaks in between studying and to spread out your studying over a series of days. Cramming is never a good idea, and all-nighters put even more unnecessary stress on your body. Procrastination is stress’s best friend.

Besides influencing your mind and performance, stress can also affect your body. In a high stress environment, the human body tends to contract its muscles due to our natural flight or fight response. This can leave your body feeling sore and lead to discomfort. Take a moment to treat yourself before finals after a long week of studying by getting a massage in town. Body Mechanics Studio is only five minutes from the College on South Lynchburg Street and offers a wide range of massages from 20 minute chair massages to 90 minute full body sessions. Just think of how relaxed you will be for your final exams.

Although some levels of stress are to br expected, it is possible to control how much stress you experience in the week leading up to finals. Remind yourself to relax, pace yourself with your work, and even treat your body for all of its hard work, because no matter, what you have made it through another semester of college, and that is a great accomplishment any day.

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