The Thirst Is Real

By Amanda Gabriel
Elm Staff Writer

Staying hydrated throughout the day may prove to be a pain, especially as a busy college student who is always on the go and not thinking about drink-
ing water. As most people know, drinking water is not only an essential part of staying alive, but it is also important for maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Drinking sufficient amounts of water throughout the day can reduce
headaches, clear your skin, and give you more energy. If you and yourself forgetting to drink enough water, here are a few tricks to help remind you todown your H2O.

Leave a note on your phone or by your door to remind yourself to grab your water bottle before you leave for class. If you remember to take your bottle with you and are holding on to it throughout the day, you may be more inclined to drink it if it is right there in your hand.

If the taste of water bores you, try switching things up by adding some flavor to your water bottle. Put some sliced fruit and vegetables such as lemon, strawberries, or cucumbers in your water to make it more enticing to consume. If you are not much of a fruit person, there are packaged powders with many flavors like iced tea and lemonade that can be purchased at the grocery store as well. Even if you carry the bottle with you, or add some flavor, you still might forget if you’re busy throughout the day.

To remind yourself to drink, try drawing lines on your water bottle along with specific times throughout the day. By doing this you will be setting goals for yourself and a visual reminder.

As the days become increasingly warmer, drinking water becomes especially important in staying healthy. Next time you and yourself forgetting to keep your body hydrated, try one of the ideas above.

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