College Hack: Make Dorms Liveable at WC

By Amanda Gabriel

Elm Staff Writer

So you have moved into your new building on campus—but whether you are a freshman entering a new world or an upperclassman returning to live with old friends, you can implement various tips and tricks to make your dorm or suite feel more spacious and cozy.

One of the first things to consider when moving into a new room is organization. If the room isn’t properly arranged, then the space will instantly feel smaller. Take advantage of the furniture in your room by moving it so that the room looks and feels bigger. If you find yourself lacking storage space, clear plastic storage bins can be bought from Dollar Store to hold extra items. These bins are cheap, and you can decorate to fit theme of your room. The drawers can be spray painted or lined with colorful paper to either match the colors in your room or to just hide items inside from plain sight.

Hanging art fills a blank wall easily, but some paintings can be pricey. Crafting your own is a smart alternative, but if you are not artsy then you may think you are out of luck. However, many simple step-by-step painting tutorials can be found online on websites such as Pinterest and YouTube. Make yourself a mini paint night by purchasing the materials and gathering a few friends to create a masterpiece.

Keep in mind that paintings are not the only artwork that can be hung in a room; making collages full of personal pictures, quotes from the internet, and hand-cut wall decals are another alternative.

Another option for tying a room together is taking some time to explore local antique shops for odds and ends that can make a dorm feel like home. Often the prices are cheaper for furniture or artwork, and if you spend enough time looking, then treasures are sure to be uncovered, and your room can be turned into one with a little time, thought, and effort.

Decorate your walls to show your roommate and floormates your personality.
Decorate your walls to show your roommate and
floormates your personality.

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