2017 Fall Season Begins for WC Club Men’s Soccer Team: Club Team Gains Traction as They Head Towards the Old Line Cup vs. St. Mary’s

By Pat Mariboe
Senior Writer

Whether you’re a rookie, veteran, or simply love to play the game, the Washington College Club Soccer team might have a spot for you. While the team has officially been around for a few years, junior Trae Hoffner, current president and captain, is looking to make the club more prominent on campus again.

“I first got involved with club soccer when I was a freshman,” he said. “A guy named Francis made me feel welcome and I really liked all the guys on the team, so I fell in love with it right away. As captain, I want to take the club to new heights by playing in a league and challenging regional powerhouses like Navy, Maryland, and Villanova as well as organizing this team for future success.”

The team has already garnered a huge amount of interest this year as nearly 40 students signed up during Club Fair. The team recently started their first week and attendance is at an all-time high.

Men's Club Soccer
Men’s Club Soccer

“My goal this season is to build off what we started last year,” Hoffner said. “Last year, we got more organized than ever before and won our first game. This year, our first priority is to win the Old Line Cup against St. Mary’s because winning trophies is the best way to draw interest towards the club. Secondly we want to play against big schools and play well. There is a ton of talent on this team and I feel like both goals are achievable.”

Co-captain and junior JP Martin is anticipating huge successes for the team this season. Like Hoffner, Martin also joined the team his freshman year and knew he had found his niche.

“I wanted to stay active and continue playing soccer and Club was the perfect fit for me,” he said. “As one of the team captains, I hope to help build the team’s chemistry and skill level so we can be competitive against other schools while still enjoying the game and playing as a team.”

The captains hope to place the new additions into positions, create formations, and put together a functioning unit on the field. They need to practice together for cohesiveness and gain a familiarity with each other before they begin game play.

Trae Hoffner
Trae Hoffner

To kick off their busy schedule, the squad will face their first test in a scrimmage against the men’s varsity team on Thursday, Sept. 28 at 4 p.m. before playing in their first official game against St. Mary’s in the Old Line Cup on Saturday, Sept. 30.

“This year is the first annual Old Line Cup against St. Mary’s,” Hoffner said. “Hopefully this becomes a great tradition and fosters a great rivalry between the two schools. There are two games with the winner being decided on goals scored.”

The club team will play at St. Mary’s on Oct. 1 and play them at home on Oct. 21. They also plan to scrimmage the men’s varsity team a few times this semester as well.

If you’re interested in playing for the team, regardless of your skill level, feel free to reach out to either Hoffner or Martin at thoffner2@washcoll.edu or jmartin23@washcoll.edu.

If you’re interested in following the team along on their journey this year,  “like” their Facebook page: Washington College Club Soccer for schedules, updates, photos, and more.

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