Athlete Spotlight: Kailyn Brandt, A Fresh Addition to WC Field Hockey

By Louis Galdos
Elm Staff Writer

Freshman Kailyn Brandt is bringing her speed and stick skills to Washington College’s field hockey team.

Kailyn Brandt
Kailyn Brandt

The starting center forward has racked up one goal, one assist, and 12 shots in the first four games of the season.

The White Hall native earned first-team All State and All-Division honors and led her team in goals and assists as a senior at Hereford High School.

She played for three consecutive Baltimore County and state championship teams, was inducted into the National Honor Society, and was a member of the Student Council.

Brandt’s coaches and teammates said that she is developing into a key player on the field and has great potential to be a top offensive weapon.

“I think she has done an excellent job transitioning from the high school level of play to college. She is always open and willing to listen to feedback about advancing her field hockey skills. Brandt comes to both practice and games willing to give 100 percent and is an overall great athlete on the field,” said Assistant Coach Taylor Fisher.

“The pace of the game is definitely a lot quicker and every girl on the field is characterized as a good player,” Brandt said. “The additional time on the clock is also something to get used to.”

Going into the fall season, her goals are to try to put in her best effort for her teammates.

“We just started playing together and I’m still trying to learn everyone’s style and how they play so we will be able to work as one unit. I want to win. I’m willing to work hard and put in the time needed to reach the goal of winning consistently,” she said.

Senior Defender Katie Arnold appreciates Brandt’s speed and quick breakaways up the field, as well as her devotion to being a quality teammate.

“Even though we’re just a little over two weeks into our season, Kailyn has already made a huge impact on our team. When you see her play, it is obvious she is extremely talented. But what you can’t see is her determination, hard work, and competitive energy that she brings with her each time she steps on the field. Not only that, but she has such a kind and caring spirit which makes it a joy being her teammate,” she said.

Despite being only a third of the way into the season, Brandt has shown that she will be a player to watch out for. Try to spot Number 11, Kailyn Brandt, at field hockey’s next home game vs.  Gettysburg. on Saturday, Sept. 16 at 1 p.m.

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