Career Center Offers Targeted Programs

By Laiken Harrigan
Elm Staff Writer

No matter what year you are at Washington College, it’s never too early to start looking into internships and other career opportunities.

The Career Center is a resource that students can utilize to start researching for internships or employment. They offer assistance throughout the entire job/internship hunting process, said Nanette Cooley, the executive director of Career Development.

This year, the Career Center is offering Targeted Career Awareness Programs, composed of three programs of Wall Street, Communications, and Not-For-Profit/NGO’s. These programs promote first-hand experience within the different industries to prepare students for future internships and employment. Students will also gain an understanding about what employers look for in terms of skills and experience, according to Cooley.

Cooley said that each program consists of an overnight visit in the respective fields and will not cost more than $50 for each participant.

There are a few requirements for potential applicants. Students must be in good standing with the College and attend at least three workshops, complete assignments, and attend three speaker sessions. Applicants should fill out an application and send in a resume. For students not interested in pursuing any of these fields, there is a possibility other industries will pair up with this program in the future.

Junior Jen Walls said, “The Career Center was extremely accommodating to all of my career searching needs and even looked over my applications and resume before submission.”

While graduation might seem far away for underclassmen, there are things to do now to prepare so that when the time comes to apply for positions, students will have a better idea about what they want to do and how to make that goal attainable. Cooley said that students can begin to research about all internship opportunities within their field of study. An internship could lead someone to an entirely new field, or help them realize what their field of interest expects from employees. Employers look for internship experiences, so the more the better. Also, emails from the Career Center about career fairs and other opportunities come out frequently and are designed to help students be organized and ready for applications.

For juniors and seniors, now is the critical time to start gaining experience and building resumes for after college, said Cooley. The Career Center offers one-on-one meetings for students to discuss their future, no matter where they might be in the process. According to the WC website, there are also programs like Path to Passion that help students gain more information about potential occupations from alumni and employers. Other things to help prepare can include mock interviews, discussions with faculty and advisors, and staying in tune with events and programs happening on campus.

The Career Center page on offers websites and suggestions on where to start researching, such as, or Additional research engines include,, or

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