Exploring Chestertown: A Beginner’s Guide to Fun

By Abby Wargo
Student Life Editor

For students transitioning into college life, being away from home can be problematic for finding new activities to enjoy. Students not used to small-town living, or the Eastern Shore, are often at a loss for local things to  do in Kent County, but just like any other small town, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, as long as one knows where to find them.

First Friday and High Street

The most obvious place to look for fun is on the main street of Chestertown, High Street. It has a collection of shops and restaurants, ranging from kitschy to elegant, which are open every day until evening.

First Friday, a nationwide small business initiative that occurs every first friday of the month, keeps shops open through the evening while citizens and visitors take a tour of all of their offerings. There will often be food and drink samples, and there are plenty of interesting people and animals to run into along the way.

After a stroll down High Street, the waterfront near the Fish Whistle is a popular second destination. An entertaining place at all hours of the day, the waterfront has a good view of the sky and many waterfowl, including the WC mascot, the goose, frequent the area.

Farmer’s Market

Although it only occurs on Saturday mornings until noon, the farmer’s market is a staple of life in Chestertown. Local famers bring their crops to share, artisans sell their crafts, and the Humane Society of Kent County often brings animals to show off to the public.

Café Sado and the Seed House

Located north of High Street by the traffic circle, Cafe Sado is the preferred sushi destination for WC students and locals alike. In additon to dozens of different kinds of sushi, they also serve Thai cuisine.

The Seed House, right next to Sado, offers tea and relaxation. Yoga classes are held there, including a Friday night session led by Dr. Kate Moncrief.

Beverly’s Family Restaurant

Instead of driving to Middletown for diner food at Waffle House, Chestertown has its own local diner. Located in the Redner’s shopping center, Beverly’s offers waffles, pancakes, eggs, sausage, scrapple, coffee, and tea at reasonable prices for college students. Since they only serve breakfast and lunch, they are only open until 1 p.m. To complete the diner nostalgia aesthetic, Beverly’s takes customers back into the 1950s with floor-to-ceiling Elvis memorabilia.

Mini Golf at Links In Family Recreation Center

Headed by Brandt and Sherri Troup, this indoor/outdoor mini golf course and game emporium opened for business in September.

Located on the waterfront property adjacent to the Chester River bridge on the Queen Anne’s County side, Links In is only open on weekends. Admission for a nine-hole game of mini golf is just $4, and season passes are offered for a $40 flat rate.

In addition to mini golf, the recreation center has skee ball, cornhole, a Nintendo system, and, soon, billiards soccer.

According to Brandt Troup, the billiards soccer concept is to play soccer on a pool-table-like surface.

This up-and-coming business adds to the many unique opportunities available to studnets and community members around Chestertown.

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