How to Yoga: Stretch Away Stress

By Amanda Gabriel
Senior Writer

Yoga has increased in popularity over the last few years due to the many benefits associated with incorporating specific movements into your everyday routine. Whether stretching on a mat in your living room or taking a class with goats, the mind and body can be transformed.

Through the continual practice of yoga, a certain stillness can be found in a world full of constant distractions. Most people do not fully realize the amount of time they spend on electronics such as phones, laptops,  or televisions. By disconnecting from the chaos and tuning into your own frequency, an inner peace and tranquility can be achieved, eliminating stress. Yoga teaches deep breathing and meditation techniques which can also help people declutter their minds and become more focused.

In addition to relieving stress and helping a person become more aware of themselves, yoga can increase flexibility and strength. The movements are meant to strengthen the body by reinforcing the muscles surrounding the spine, which leads to better posture and increased blood flow. All other muscles in the body stem from the spine, so by strengthening the core muscles, a person will experience less back, shoulder, and neck pain. Moreover, when coupled with a healthy diet, the practice of yoga helps to relieve certain digestive pains including acid reflux.

There are numerous levels of yoga for all ages and abilities, all of which lead to the aforementioned benefits. Beginners can start by learning the basic poses, and once they feel that their endurance, strength, and flexibility have increased, they can move on to more challenging exercises.

Freshmen Shannon Thomas and Gabby Kzsak maintain their balance in different yoga poses.
Freshmen Shannon Thomas and Gabby Kzsak maintain their balance in different yoga poses.

One of the more advanced classes includes power yoga, which involves a specific set of movements to strengthen the core and the rest of your body by supporting your own body weight during the different postures.

No matter what the ails in your body and mind or your fitness level, there is no doubt that yoga gives you that feel good sensation and ultimately results in a better, healthier lifestyle.

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